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Waterjet Cutting


Flow Waterjet Station

GVMI’s Flow Waterjet Station

Our new in-house Flow Waterjet station gives us better control of our own delivery schedule and provides outsourcing options for our customers’ cutting needs.


Waterjet cutting is accomplished by an extremely high pressure water stream (55,000 psi) with an abrasive media introduced at the cutting point. This combination allows GVMI to cut intricate 2-D shapes in steel up to 2″ thick and tolerances down to 0.003″.

In the abrasive waterjet, the waterjet stream accelerates abrasive particles and those particles, not the water, erode the material.


This Green Valley team recently became certified from Certified GVMI Waterjet TeamFlow Waterjet Training;  if you are interested in outsourcing your waterjet cutting needs, please contact us.


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