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Equipment Upgrades

Green Valley can rebuild or upgrade many of their Titan pieces of equipment to meet changing requirements.  This service can save up to 75% compared to the cost of purchasing a new machine.  Feasibility phone consultations are welcomed at 217-864-4125.


Recent Equipment Upgrade Project:


Titan 2984: Die Cart Refurbishing 

 This Titan 1484/2984 Die Cart (capacity of two 6000 lb dies) came back to us after 13 years of very productive work to have the power unit, drive, electrical controls, chain drive and hydraulic lift replaced and upgraded with modern components, and then repainted.  Our refurbishing extended the life of this die cart. 


Titan Die Cart 1484 when new in 2000


Titan 1484 when new

The Titan 1484 when completed in 2000

TItan 1484 when new in 2000

TItan 1484 when new in 2000












Die Cart when returned to GVMI for Refurbishing


Titan 1484/2984 after 13 years of hard work

Titan 1484/2984 Before Refurb after 13 years of hard work


Die Cart (now the Titan 2984) after refurbishing in 2013


Refurbished 2984 Die Cart being shipped

Back to work for the Refurbished 2984 Die Cart

Titan 1484/2984 After Refurb

The Titan 1484, now the 2984 after refurbishing

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