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The Culture of Engineering Excellence


Senior Application Engineers

Senior Application Engineers

Green Valley engineers and technicians are a customer focused, highly competent team with years of experience dedicated to product performance and quality in the material handling industry.

Our products, designed and manufactured as the Titan brand, allow Green Valley customers to achieve value-added results.

Maximum efficiency, increased productivity, cost savings, maximum press utilization time and safer manufacturing environments are only a few of the benefits.


Green Valley begins with a clean Sheet

• each application begins with no pre-conceived outcomes

• Green Valley’s broad range of offerings does not restrict customer to a specific weight range or style of equipment  


Green Valley listens to the Customer

• extensive information is gathered for each application

• input is sought from Customers’ purchasing, engineering, floor operators, etc.


Green Valley identifies and prioritizes Customers’ Goals


Green Valley engineering identifies additional benefits, potential pitfalls and concerns

• based on the information gathered, Green Valley often directs customers to solutions of better value and fit for the specific application


Green Valley generates application-specific conceptual solutions including

• layout drawings

• ROI calculations to show value benefit

• intangible benefits to ownership


Green Valley generates detailed quotations to allow competitive component-level comparison with alternate solutions


Green Valley applies standards and modules from our extensive library of fully developed sub-assemblies in the design of your custom tailored solution


Green Valley engineering oversees production of each unique solution

  • time lines and status are shared with the customer


Green Valley invites end user to our facility to perform buy-off prior to shipping




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