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Work Horses (Saw Horses)






Green Valley Manufacturing Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Work Horses (saw horses or work stands) can be designed to meet the capacity, height, and configuration needed in the manufacturing environment. Staging of the work horses (saw horses) can be done easily without cranes or forklifts.  No heavy lifting required, even though the horses weight about 400 pounds each.



Please click for the 2016 Work Horse Flyer and Price List for our Standard Horses


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Green Valley Booth at FABTECH 2016,  Las Vegas

Green Valley Booth at FABTECH 2016, Las Vegas

Work Horse at FABTECH 2016

Work Horse at FABTECH 2016









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All Equipment Shown Can Be Designed and Manufactured to Handle Increased
or Decreased Capacity.  Select Product Picture for Additional Information.


Titan 163609 Work Horse Titan 163601 Work Horse Titan 163538 Work Horse Titan 163534 Saw Horses Titan 163533 Saw Horses
Titan 163609 Titan 163601 Titan 163538 Titan 163534 Titan 163533
Titan 2549 Work Horse Titan 2842 Work Horse Titan 3086 Work Horse Titan 153472 Saw Horses Titan 163509 Saw Horses
Titan 2549 Titan 2842 Titan 3086 Titan 153472 Titan 163509



The Titan Sawhorse at FABTECH 2015




Titan Sawhorses designed, built, and used by our team at Green Valley.




Details of our standard 40,000 lbs. capacity (per pair) sawhorses with spring suspension wheels which raise the frame to easily move the unloaded horse.


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