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Pneumatic Die Lifters

Green Valley Manufacturing  has developed a standard line of  Pneumatic Die lifters  for stamping, and vertical molding presses. GVMI die lifters enable the tool to be elevated above the press bed sur
face on rollers for easy transfer to/from the press. The pneumatic operation ensures a clean application without any of the oily mess associated with hydraulic units.  The systems are economical and simple to install and operate.   Delivery time: 3-4 weeks.

Green Valley at FABTECH 2016, Las Vegas

Green Valley at FABTECH 2016, Las Vegas

Contact us for your specific application or for a sample section of the lifter.


Click for Pneumatic Die Lifter Brochure (Printable with Specs and Prices)



Pneumatic Die Lifter in situPneumatic Die Lifter in Press Bed



Pneumatic Die Lifter Detail

Detail showing pneumatic Die Lifter connections



Even though we advertise these die lifters as standard ¾” and 1” t-slot die lifters, all lifters are cut to length and made to order based on the end user’s specific t-slot dimensions.  Many times a bolster has been machined down (resurfaced) and the t-slot is shallower.  Even on new bolsters we require the t-slot dimensions due to the large variation in standard ANSI t-slot tolerance specifications.  The dimensions needed are shown on the sketch below and on our brochure.  GVMI will use the provided t-slot dimensions to accurately locate the roller elevation for optimum system performance.  If you would like a sample section of our die lifters, please contact us.


Pneumatic Die Lifter Cross Section

Pneumatic Die Lifter Cross Section


 Pneumatic Die Lifter Brochure (Printable with Specs and Prices) 

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