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GVMI Case Studies

Mold Rotator Helps Avoid AccidentsProblem:  Recently a major U.S. automotive supplier contacted Green Valley Mfg., Inc, regarding an unfortunate accident that occurred earlier in the day at their plant. While flipping a large 30,000 lb. mold using standard equipment, employees dropped the mold. The concrete floor was cracked, the mold was damaged and employee safety was at great risk throughout the process. A company representative asked a Green Valley senior engineer to suggest a solution to this problem.

Solution:  A mold rotator was suggested as the solution to the customer’s problem that would prevent future accidents like this from occurring again. The Green Valley mold rotator allows each half of the mold to be delivered separately from an overhead crane. Once married together, the rotator will rotate the assembled mold ninety degrees ready to be inserted into the press.

Customer Benefits:
Prevents mold and surrounding area damage
Provides a safer process for mold assembly/dis-assembly
Increases production

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