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Die Shuttles

Die shuttles provide the safest and fastest changeover of dies.  A new die is pre-staged while the press is still operating and the actual die exchange is accomplished in minutes, streamlining the Quick Die Change operation. 


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All Equipment Shown Can Be Designed and Manufactured to Handle Increased or Decreased Capacity.  Select Product Picture for Additional Information.


Mold or Die Quick Change Shuttle Table Die Shuttle Mold or Die Change Rail Car Die Change System Die Shuttle Table Die Shuttle Table
Titan 1082 Titan 1242 Titan 1288 Titan 1454 Titan 1603 Titan 1629
Die Shuttle Die Shuttle Two Station Die Shuttle Die Shuttle Die Shuttle Die Change Shuttle
Titan 1806 Titan 2169 Titan 2328 Titan 2462
Titan 2486 Titan 2590
Rigid Chain Push/Pull System 3-Station Die Change Shuttle System Dual Station Die Change Rail Car  Manual Die Change and Storage/Retrieval System Die Change Rail Car Dual Station Mold Change Shuttle
Titan 2652 Titan 2735 Titan 2750 Titan 2757
Titan 2773 Titan 2775
Titan 2821 Die Shuttle Titan 3057 Die Shuttle Titan 143276 Die Shuttle
Titan 2821 Titan 3057 Titan 143276

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